artist at workOsian's Paw
Photo taken at:
The County Fair Building show
Standstorms  At Hall of flowers show 2003
A native of Belfast Northern Ireland, Gary began studying pottery in 1998.

Gary's sculptures combine his initial artistic inclination, pen & ink figure drawing, and his love of playing with mud.
"Sandstorm" vessels are inspired by his early childhood experience living in the North African desert watching the whirlwinds dance across the landscape.

He creates Sandstorms by partially kneading a variety of clays together, wheel throwing, and glazing only the edges and interior, thus highlighting the natural beauty of the intermingled clays and offering a tactile experience.

In addition to the pieces exhibited here, Gary crafts items for everyday use including plates, cups, bowls, and pie pans. All pieces are high fired using non-toxic glazes and are food, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Gary works at Ruby's Clay Studio and in his San Francisco home studio regrettably no longer with the assistance of his two cats. Osian's Paw


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